About Us

GoPurpose is incorporated in 2014, with the goal of developing long term sustainable solutions on the ground, GoPurpose began as a sustainable crowdfunding projects platform where it successfully achieved over half of its scalable impact among the 14 projects launched within 11 countries across the globe. In 2016, to further encompass the vision set forth by founder and CEO, Serena Kao was appointed as the co-chairperson for Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Singapore. With the appointment, Serena Kao adopted and revamped GoPurpose’s focus on United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. (SDG) GoPurpose accomplishes the targeted focus by supporting the development of sustainable natural and organic agricultural produces which has key impacts on our climate environment, social economy and our health. Through our meticulously and carefully knitted platforms, we desire to encourage people and businesses to do good and spread positivity by investing in social enterprise start-ups, small businesses and community projects whose purpose is to make a positive impact in sustaining the world.

GoPurpose advocates for SDG by having a curated lifestyle e-commerce platform. Our primary focuses are the SDG 3 ( Health), SDG 4 ( Educate our Business Partners and Consumers) ,SDG 13 (Support of Climate Change Solutions), SDG 8 ( Providing Decent And Sustainable Economic Growth in Health and Lifestyle Supply Chain For Businesses and Credibility ), SDG 10 ( Reduced of Inequalities Through Decent work and Affordable Health Care) , SDG 12 ( Responsible Consumption and Production With Good Trackable Sourcing Details, Production, Sustainable Packaging and Recycling), and finally the supply chain efforts of partnerships through SDG 17 ( Our Global Supply Chain Partnerships Through Business Suppliers, Distributors and Consumers With Awareness’s)

All the products and produce sold through GoPurpose are not only certified organic, but also free from any toxic chemicals, strictly free from any animal cruelty, while adhering to vegan friendly consumers. GoPurpose visions itself as a pioneer in setting strict compliance and adherence to relevant tests and certifications required for all its products regardless of global boundaries or restrictions. GoPurpose prides itself in delivering top notch standards from product initiation to product delivery. Besides lifestyle products, GoPurpose also has an array of organic lifestyle home care medical devises and products which are not only affordable, but also reliable in terms of usages and readings. Notably, GoPurpose has consciously invested in a real time real result health check devices that’s not only easily accessible, operate, but also gives accurate readings of various functionalities in our body. GoPurpose has invested in researching and producing organic diseases and fertility tests for both genders. These products are not only niche in production, but also serves to break orthodox barriers in society and create a positive change among people, aligning back to GoPurpose’s focus with SDG.

Our suppliers are also conscientiously chosen with having pledged themselves to the SDG framework. GoPurpose highlights the uttermost importance of incorporating climate change solutions in order to reduce concerns such as bad climate which may leads to an increase in flight accidents and natural disasters. Fundamentally, GoPurpose takes the pioneer step forward to harvest better crops for our day to day usage. This is achieved by monitoring and tracking these environment implications. Having clean and non-contaminated crops would allow the achievement of cleaner and clean water to be used for crops which eventually benefits the environment.

Through carefully prudent administration and precise measure of social impacts on each of our suppliers, GoPurpose walks through our suppliers’ products harvesting and manufacturing process, to ensure strict yet transparent regulations and certifications for organic authenticity, committing to sustainable business solutions which improves social, economic and environmental eco-systems. GoPurpose also leverages strongly on preventive healthcare, convinced that early detection and subsequent preventive treatment will immensely improve one’s quality of life and reduce the crippling medical cost in the near future.

Beyond this sustainable effort and walking through our suppliers’ output, GoPurpose also takes corporate and environmental responsibility in setting very high yet achievable standards for our vendors. These efforts not only determine that vendors provide adequate jobs to the average worker, but also to the underprivileged which may include but not limited to single mothers, handicapped and intellectually challenged workers, These moral inclusiveness allows such workers an equal opportunity to do their part for the environment and nature as well.

To live well while doing good, GoPurpose dedicates 10-20% of each successful sale to research and development. The R&D which includes medical lab tests of our products allows better, healthier and safer future products. GoPurpose furthermore donates part of our profits to support medical aid towards institutions for cancer, heart and kidney symptoms. While assisting in these niche treatments, GoPurpose aims to bring together our medical research which develops cohesively for a better and enriched healthcare system.

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