About Us

GoPurpose a b2b who helps to connect sustainable jobs, skills education, training, production, sourcing, recycling, materials and R&D and certifications and also giving back, (partnerships for businesses into the society and how all businesses of the supply chain can help.)

How both suppliers and Distributors pledged to create a trusted sustainable supply chain by promising to set goals aligning with the 17 SDGs as metrix of measurements to save the world.

How suppliers/producers who pledged to ensure transparently sourced organic and naturally made products.

GoPurpose is a registered social enterprise (RaiSE) incorporated in Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Europe, and is continually expanding its growth into many other countries. As a sustainable lifestyle business to business supply chain company, GoPurpose believes in the 4 Ps - People, Planet, Profit & Purpose.

GoPurpose was founded by Serena Kao with the overarching mission to develop long-term, sustainable business solutions on the ground, both locally and internationally. The company’s suppliers and distributors pledge to create a sustainable supply chain by aligning themselves to the goals of the 17 SDGs. 

While the figurative meaning of GoPurpose denotes that “Go” implies Action and “Purpose” implies Performing a Meaningful Task, in truth, GoPurpose is committed to a much higher, aspirational purpose. GoPurpose aims to create an inclusive economy by inspiring purpose-driven lives through skills education and training, creating sustainable employment opportunities, focusing on positive health, wellness and society-wide benefits while infusing sustainable production, consumption and action into people’s daily lives. The company's intention is to champion all its partners part of its supply chain to be transparent about its sourcing of organic and naturally made materials, recycling efforts, research and development and certification.

Kicking off operations on 14th February 2014 on a mission to inspire global change through its business and community efforts to create a sustainable world and future, GoPurpose was initially established as a sustainable solutions-based Crowdfunding platform, enabling organisations from the ground up into profitability, successfully achieving scalable impact with 14 projects launched in 11 countries across the globe. Acting as a case study to determine its viability to move into the marketplace concept, helming its success as an impact investor, GoPurpose served as a test bed for solutions, bringing them to market thereafter.

In 2015, in recognition of her work with GoPurpose and in other areas, Serena Kao was appointed as the Co-Chairperson, Member and Co-Host for the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Singapore, launching in a joint effort with some of Singapore’s most esteemed universities to be part of the sustainable movement, including NTU, NUS, SIT, SUTD, SUSS and SMU. Coupled with being the only Asian representative to be part of the Leadership Council of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network Northern Europe, Serena, in wanting to embrace, scale and sew the seeds of sustainability into the hearts and minds of people’s lives, openly adopted and renewed GoPurpose’s focus to include the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Serena also sits on the board for the NTU Singapore Sustainable Symposium (S3), is a member of the exclusive NUS Medicine International Council (NIC) and is also an ambassador of Imagine Genetics and sits on many other boards across the globe.

Today, in synergy with the 17 SDGs, Serena crafted her own Sustainability Ecosystem. In line with this, GoPurpose has been transformed into a B2B Marketplace, actively sourcing for, and inviting, both sustainable businesses, and businesses that wish to be sustainable, into its supply chain network. GoPurpose assesses business processes, including utilising its in-house digital data fact analysis partners, consults with, educates, trains and if necessary, even recommends and performs structural company reforms to establish a fully sustainable business model, ready to go to market with its socially responsible, organic products and mobile, over-the-counter, FDA certified medical testing devices to be used at home.

As an environmentally responsible business with a B2B model, GoPurpose connects the company and its sustainable products and services into its vast network of online and offline retailers, reaching out to potential markets and consumers all over the world to scale and support true sustainable sources who advocate climate change and other SDG efforts. All of our work is founded and aligned with the 17 SDGs. We have made all of our suppliers and partners pledge to the 17 SDG goals prior to onboarding them to our pledge. We aim to be the first and trusted SDG aligned and measured supply chain in the world.

For businesses with a B2C model, GoPurpose introduces the company and its products and services to its e-commerce platform, GoNatuur which houses more than 372 brands and 10,000 SKUs of top-to-toe natural and organic products with exception to perishables, ranging from in-house medical innovations including healthcare testing kits for home and otc use, lifestyle products and consumables, to cosmetics and even fashion accessories. Go Natuur is the trusted sustainable e-commerce marketplace of today. We guarantee our customers that our products are sourced with the best qualities from all over the world.

GoPurpose believes in using the sustainable business model as a force to do good in society, imparting skills, creating jobs and various sustainable solutions for our people on this planet.